Digital Product
Design & Development

Transform your brand with exceptional digital product design. Enhance your website or build a new platform to deliver a seamless shopping experience that will unlock the potential of a consistent omni-channel retail presence.

Service Benefits


User Approach

By empathizing with users and understanding their pain points, digital product design can address their needs effectively. This approach improves customer satisfaction, builds long-term relationships, and increases the likelihood of repeat business.


Accelerated Time
to Market

E-commerce optimization can help drive more traffic and conversions to your online store, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue. This can be achieved through a variety of strategies, such as optimizing product detail pages, improving checkout processes, and implementing targeted marketing campaigns.

Scalability &

As businesses grow and evolve, their digital presence needs to adapt as well. A flexible design system ensures a consistent and cohesive experience across various platforms and devices, accommodating future growth and changes in technology.


User Experience

Focus on crafting intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, resulting in a seamless and enjoyable experience for customers. By optimizing the user journey and prioritizing usability, you can provide their users with a frictionless experience that increases satisfaction and engagement.

Ready to Transcend the Norm?

Visions by Tiana

Services: Digital Product Design

Nif partnered with Visions by Tiana, a natural hair salon in Detroit, Michigan, to enhance their websites user experience through digital product design & development. The focus was to design a responsive booking experience and web design that highlighted their featured services.

Legacy Body

Services: E-Commerce Optimization + Digital Product Design

Nif partnered with Legacy Body, a health and wellness brand in Charlotte, NC, dedicated to providing holistic products that nourish, heal, and rejuvenate the body. The focus for this project was to design a frictionless shopping experience and knowledge center for users. 

Our Approach

Our design process is a dynamic cycle of research and design, where these two phases continually inform and enhance each other. We start with thorough research to understand our clients’ needs, then move into the design phase to create solutions. This process repeats, ensuring that our designs are continuously refined and optimized based on ongoing research, resulting in the best possible outcomes.

Phase 1
SWCUXDO Analysis
Search Engine Optimization
Site Map
Project Roadmap
Low-Fidelity Wireframes
Phase 2
Global Visual Inventory
UI Elements Inventory
High-Fidelity Design
Phase 3
User Testing Report
Usability Testing
Heuristic and Data Analytics
Phase 4
Product Launch:
Design Implementation
Hosting and Maintenance Support
Technical Support
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